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92 Days to Purdue Football: Carlos Carvajal

What better way to start off your weekend than with a continuation of our countdown to what will be an interesting season of Purdue football (since there isn't really a dull or sane moment when Danny Hope holds the reigns). Today we come across a guy who could be a star player in the near future: Carlos Carvajal.

Carlos Carvajal - Fr.

Hometown: Hileah, Fla. (Milford Academy)

Tight End

6'7" 215 pounds

2012 Projection: Reserve at tight end, special teams contributor.

Carvajal spent this past season playing for Milford Academy in New York and joined Purdue for spring practice this past semester. Carvajal is a big dude at 6'7" and the sky is the limit for this kid. Being that tall and only weighing 215 makes him a little small for the height, but he will add weight as the seasons go on. Carvajal is the type of guy who is capable of making big plays and is a match up nightmare for both linebackers and defensive backs. Oh yeah, and he is stupid athletic. He has tremendous speed, and is a solid leaper. He could easily play on both sides of the ball and would be a threat wherever Hope puts him.

However, this season he will probably not see playing time too often, unless there are a few injuries since Purdue is deep at tight end. But look for him to contribute on special teams and maybe at the goal line from time to time. Like I said, the sky is the limit for this kid. He has the height of an NFL tight end and could easily be a play maker like Dustin Keller was for us years back.

I'm excited for Carvajal, especially since tight ends have always been a big part of Purdue's offensive game. If you watch highlights of Carvajal in high school, you'll see a ferocious pass blocker who isn't afraid to get his hands dirty as well as an enormous target that can easily become a quarterback's friend. The future looks good for Carvajal, and his time will come soon enough.

Till then, watch these highlights of him and be all like "Damn, Carlos, you nasty".