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2012 NCAA Baseball Tournament: Purdue Paired With No. 5 National Seed Oregon

Our baseball Boilers now know their full path to Omaha. We did not get a National Seed, but we were given a more favorable path to Omaha by avoiding the No. 1 National Seed in Florida and the No. 2 National Seed UCLA. It also means we're not paired with them once we would get to Omaha in the first game, as we were not paired with No. 7 National Seed LSU or No. 8 National Seed South Carolina. It means we don't have to play one of the top two National teams until the last possible moment.

Purdue, of course, is hosting in Gary for the Regional round. If they reach the Super Regionals they will be paired with the No. 5 National Seed Oregon. Indiana State, Austin Peay, and Cal State Fullerton are also in that regional. Purdue is the No. 1 Seed in Gary and will open Friday night against Valparaiso. Kentucky and Kent State are the No. 2 and No. 3 seeds in our regional.

Kentucky was the common snub as a regional host, so we got a bit of a rough pairing there, but at least we did not get screwed by being named the No. 2 seed as a regional host, which is a major insult.

If we get all the way to Omaha we would open against the Baylor-Rice Super Regional winner, but that is far off.

All told, it is a great draw. if we play anyone other than Oregon in a Super Regional we will host again (likely in South Bend this time). Now its time to go win.

UPDATE: The Schedule is as follows (all times Central Time in Gary. Add one hour for local Lafayette time)


Game 1: Kentucky vs. Kent State 3pm

Game 2: Purdue vs. Valparaiso 7pm


Game 3: Game 1 Loser vs. Game 2 Loser 3pm

Game 4: Game 1 Winner vs. Game 2 Winner 7pm


Game 5: Game 3 Winner vs. Game 4 Loser 3pm

Game 6: Game 4 Winner vs. Game 5 Winner 7pm


Game 7: Game 6 rematch if Game 5 winner wins (if necessary) 7pm