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2012 Big Ten Baseball Tournament: Championship Open Thread

It's time for a championship. Purdue baseball has already taken the regular season title, but we can take the tournament title tonight. as I write this, our opponent in is extra innings in the heat of Columbus while our Boilers are relaxing in the cool air conditioning of the clubhouse.

Robert Ramer, the usual weekday starter, will get the start tonight instead of Connor Podkul, the usual No. 3 starter. Ramer is a redshirt junior that has represented everything that makes this program cool. He has been the unsung weekday guy as Purdue did not drop a midweek game all year long. He owns a 13-0 career record and 6-0 record this season, so I am comfortable with the redshirt junior on the mound.

So let's sit back, relax, and enjoy the air conditioning of watching indoors on Big Ten Network. There is a championship that needs to be won tonight, and it looks like the Hoosiers will give it to us.