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A Ross-Ade Night Game! Purdue-Michigan Will Kick Off At 4 p.m.

When we crapped ourselves last year against Notre Dame, it was the only game in the past two seasons has kicked off at a time other than noon. That will change next season, as the Big Ten has announced its prime-time game list for the coming season:

Aug. 31

Boise State at Michigan State, 8 p.m., ESPN

Sept. 1

Indiana State at Indiana, 8 p.m., Big Ten Network

Sept. 8

Vanderbilt at Northwestern, 8 p.m., BTN

Sept. 15

Notre Dame at Michigan State, 8 p.m., ABC
Utah State at Wisconsin, 8 p.m., BTN
Ball State at Indiana, 8 p.m., BTN

Sept. 22

Syracuse at Minnesota, 8 p.m., BTN
Louisiana Tech at Illinois, 8 p.m., BTN

Sept. 29

Wisconsin at Nebraska, 8 p.m., ABC, ESPN, or ESPN2

Oct. 6

Nebraska at Ohio State, 8 p.m., ABC, ESPN, or ESPN2

Michigan at Purdue, 4 p.m., Big Ten Network

Oct. 13

Ohio State at Indiana, 8 p.m., BTN

Oct. 20
Penn State at Iowa, 8 p.m., BTN

Oct. 27

Ohio State at Penn State, 6 p.m., ESPN or ESPN2
Michigan at Nebraska, 8 p.m., ABC, ESPN, or ESPN2

More Thoughts after the Jump:

Obvously, the lights will need to be trucked in for the October 6th game against Michigan, but it is safe to once again say that Purdue would be on this list more than once at home if it had permanent lights. The permanent lights are the only reason Indiana gets three prime time appearances, but this relatively small expenditure is apparently too much for the athletic department.

The only other game time that has been announced is the Notre Dame game at 3:30 pm., but I would be shocked if the Eastern Kentucky, Eastern Michigan, and Marshall games kick off at any time other than noon, especially since the cost of lights has to be footed by the TV broadcast partner.

As always, the later season games can be shifted to a more prime time slot if they have a big role in the respective division races. Don't be surprised if the October 13 game against Wisconsin makes such a shift. The same is true for the November 3 game against Penn State.