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Welcome To The Fold: Danny Etling

What do you know, the first Purdue football recruit for 2013 is a quarterback. Shocking, right? Danny Etling is the newst member of the Boiler family and he comes from a Purdue background. HIs cousin is recently departed linebacker Joe Holland. Nice job by Holland getting Etling to come in to the squad.

We beat out OHMR for him, which should drive the folks in Iowa City nuts. As for me, I'm pretending to be angry while enjoying the Purdue dominance on the recruiting front. It always helps to have plenty of quarterbacks, especially when we go through them like toilet paper.

Etling will most likely be battling with Austin Appleby when his time comes. I would imagine a redshirt, but who knows? The 11 quarterback offense could be on the way. I know for a fact that I would watch it.

Etling will be a senior at Terre Haute South Vigo high school and is a pro style QB. He has the size at 6'3 and 200 pounds to be a good guy for us at the next level.

Recruiting never stops. Remember that. Let's welcome Danny to the fold.