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Pawn Shop

Guest post from: Constance Rodgers

My son got an after school job at a small pawn shop not too far from our home. He was telling me about all the different people that come into the store. They are from all walks of life. There are people that look like they are from well to do families all the way to people that look like they might be homeless. They bring in all kinds of items to pawn. Sometimes people bring in jewelry from they got from people who are no longer in their lives. Or they might bring in musical instruments they no one uses any more. Sometimes they even bring in guns. When he told me that, I got a little nervous. Knowing how close the pawn shop is to our house, I was worried that someone might break in and steal the guns. He told me not to worry because they have dead bolts on the doors, bars on all the windows, and an alarm system from adt alarms. That did make me feel a little better. I guess if you have a pawn shop you have to take those kinds of precautions so that your merchandise doesn’t get stolen.