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Boilermaker Special Involved In Minor Accident

Boilermaker Special VII
Boilermaker Special VII

As you have most likely heard, Boilermaker Special VII was involved in a minor accident tonight. The new was broken on Twitter by Dru Anthrop of all people:

@DruAnthrop14 Pretty sure the Boilermaker Special just got in an accident outside my apt..

Robbie Hummel, whom I believe lives with Dru, also saw it:

Looking out my apartment window the boilermaker express has been pulled over by the West Lafayette is that possible? Haha

That, of course, prompted this response:

When Robbie Hummel calls the Boilermaker Special 'the Boilermaker Express', I just don't know why I get up in the morning anymore.

The good news is that the Special is fine, and Reamer Club President Paul Branham (a.k.a. BoilerPaulie) has issued a statement:

The Boilermaker Special was involved in a minor incident late this afternoon that resulted in minor cosmetic damage that will not interrupt the operation of the Boilermaker Special or interfere with any of its scheduled events. Most importantly, there were no injuries to any parties involved, a fact for which we are grateful.

The Purdue Reamer Club has no further comment, but a police report was filed with the Purdue University Police Department. Purdue's Director of Public Information, Jeanne Norberg, may be contacted for inquiries.

Hail Purdue,
Paul Branham
President, Purdue Reamer Club

Other reports say that the Special had just a single scratch, which is a relief. From the Exponent's story the Special struck a police car, and there was extensive damage to the cop car, but no injuries. That's good, because Purdue hasn't had the best of luck with train wrecks in the past. In summation:

  • The Special is fine.
  • No, it wasn't being driven by a rogue IU fan.
  • or Kelsey Barlow, as someone on Twitter asked.
  • Robbie should know better as a fifth year senior than to call it "the Boilermaker Express".