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2012 Big Ten Tournament: Purdue-Ohio State Second Half Open Thread

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Halftime isn't over and we're approaching 800 comments, so it is time to open the second Open thread. To get to the 150 word limit here is a copy and paste of my brief halftime post on Indiana:

Jared Sullinger has scored 15 points and has been virtually unstoppable for Ohio State as the Buckeyes took a 40-36 lead into the locker room at halftime of the 2012 Big Ten Tournament. Deshaun Thomas also has 14 for Ohio State, who has shot 60% from the field so far at 18 of 30.

The Boilermakers once trailed 13-3 early in the first half, but scratched back to tie the game at 24-24 thanks to 10 points off the bench from D.J. Byrd. Lewis Jackson has also contributed eight points for Purdue, who was only 13 of 32 from the field and missed nine of its first ten shots.

The Boilermakers have done a great job of containing William Buford, who has just two points so far.