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2012 Big Ten Tournament Day 2: Afternoon Thread

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So what's in store for day 2? Let's find out. We're back live at Conseco Fieldhouse (I just can't call it Bankers Life). I've had some technical issues this morning with my laptop, forcing me to scramble and find a backup. Basically, it has developed a nasty habit of completely freezing for no reason without warning. What fun.

But it is day 2 and I am here. some observations from day 1:

  • Grown adults wear the candy-striped pants. Seriously. These people probably play online poker.
  • I saw a grown man of 60 in an IU gray sweatsuit (yes, sweatsuit and pants) complete with gut hanging out as if he had not worked out to break a sweat since Branch McCracken was coaching.
  • Every foul called on Indiana is the greatest tragedy in the history of sports.
  • Iowa has not bothered to play a lick of defense on Day 2.
  • Nebraska had a surprisingly strong contingent for a team that lost big on day one.
  • Nebraska's uniforms, however, looked like they were made in 1974 from a local sporting goods store.
  • Northwestern students sitting near me yesterday were utterly heartbroken, and I cannot blame them.
  • Bruce Weber is already gone, with rumors of Bill Carmody and Doc Saddler possibly following him. They should learn how to play poker.
  • The best student section yesterday was Michigan's, who was active throughout. The worst was Indiana's, who acted like it was beneath them to cheer against lowly Penn State.It is like they were cheering for online poker tournaments.
  • I still think the winning team's student section should get to take over the losing team's rich alumni lower bowl seats for the next game. if you paid for those seats and still want to come, you're relegated upstairs to the vacated student section.

So what's in store for day 2? let's find out.