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2012 Big Ten Tournament Day 1: Evening Open Thread

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The day just keeps on going! I am back at Banker's Life Fieldhouse for the night session of the Big Ten Tournament, as our Boilermakers take the floor against the Nebraska Cornhuskers. It is time for us to take another step forward toward getting a better seed int he NCAA Tournament, and a loss to Nebraska would be damaging for that case. Fortunately, we're solidly in the tournament before we even take the floor.

Also, Joe K. of Hail to the Orange and I discussed the fate of Bruce Weber, who is likely going to be fired sometime over the next few days. I would love to see him come back home to West Lafayette as one of coach Painter's assistants and a recruiting guru. It is clear the man can get some good talent, but if we could get him to bring that talent in for coach Painter to mold it would be great. So, as a pregame, here is our video.