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2012 Big Ten Tournament Day 1: Afternoon Thread

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After being delayed slightly today by something called 'actual job", I am back life, unfiltered, and courtside at Banker's Life Fiedlhouse in Indianapolis for the opening rounds of the 2012 Big Ten Tournament. I'll be doing a few things throughout the day on SB Nation Indiana, but consider this your Open Thread for the remainder of the Iowa-Illinois game as well as the Penn State-Indiana contest.

There will, of course, be a separate thread up tonight for Minnesota-Northwestern and Purdue-Nebraska, but the early conversation for Minnesota-Northwestern can probably start here as well.

As I sit, the Fighting Illini are leading by four at the half over Iowa, and they actually look like they give a crap for once. We could also be witnessing history. Two years ago Todd Lickliter was practically fired in the postgame presser of the Big Ten Tournament's opening game. This year, it could be Bruce Weber, so stay tuned.

P.S.: If you're looking for some contests to enter and win some money we have the Northwestern Mutual contest ($500) and the BT Powerhosue contest ($25)