Reverend of Purdue Basketball? I think NOT!

TMill may be many things, but in my humble opinion, he lacks the even temper and calm, gentle confidence of a Reverend/Father/Priest/Rabbi.

In my mind, I see TMill as more of a Faith Healer (and a damned good one) who despite all evidence to the contrary, can channel his perpetual optimism and stark-raving fanaticism to repeatedly rally those of us questioning our beliefs from nearly every dark place.

The term 'Reverend' also connotes a particular religion. TMill's mission/charter/quest is multi-denominational, as he pontificates on both Basketball AND Football (and beer) without raising the ire of most reasonable people. The exception that proves the rule is a large number of college age kids putting in extra years of high school down in Bloomington. Their parents only log into the internet for them during Hate Week, so we don't normally hear much from them. Thankfully, proper use of the 'POST' button isn't taught until grad school down there.

His prodigious efforts grace a number of additional activities, like Baseball and Track, to a lesser (in terms of content, not fervor) extent.

Like Faith Healers (and TV Political Commentators) he asks us to accept his gospel without any tangible proof of his expertise. Most ordained men of the cloth must complete years of formal training and apprenticeship. Faith Healers are self-appointed, and often worked many unrelated jobs before finding their true calling.

Like the humble Faith Healer, he professes a meager existence while never letting his flock see the private jets, lavish island compounds and personal beeramid of kegged Yuengling that his multimedia empire has provided him.

Other possibilities would be Televangelist or TV Pitch Man, but their influence quickly fades. A Faith Healer makes you believe!

TMill - Please lay your hands on the tournament fortunes of our beloved basketball program and grant it success today, a 3 game winning streak next week and a 6 game streak through the first week of April.

Boiler UP! POTFH!!

PS - I know it's hate week and all, but may God Bless all the people of Southern Indiana and surrounding areas who's world was devistated by this week's tornadoes. Be a true Boilermaker and help however you can.

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