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Seize The Day! Purdue At Indiana GameThread

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So this is it. As I have seen several times on Twitter, a 10-7 Big Ten season is an off year for Purdue, but it means Indiana is back. One thing is for sure: The hatred is back. I know I have a very hard time chewing back the bile any time I see that court on my television, especially those, "Extremely loyal fans" that have been in hiding since the Sampson mess. I respect those that did support the Hoosiers and filled Assembly Hall all this time, but I can't stand the bandwagoners who all but ignored the last four years and suddenly they are back on board like they never left.

So we're here again. Indiana has seized the upper hand in the rivalry for the first time in four years, and poor Jacob Lawson and Anthony Johnson don't know what it is like to beat Indiana. We're facing the senior day for legendary cardboard cutout Tom Pritchard and the usual Hall of Calls officiating, but it is not impossible.

You're going into the pit of hell, gentlemen, but if you stick together, play Purdue basketball, and out-tough them like they out-toughed you in West Lafayette. Go win this one simply because it would really piss the bandwagoners off.

I'll try to watch what I can. I have Florida Panthers hockey tickets next to the glass and the puck drops at the same time, so I don't know how much I'll be able to comment.