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Purdue @ Indiana: The Battle For Fifth

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This won't be a long preview, but a preview is needed nonetheless. Our rolling Boilermakers travel to the enemy down south to take on Jesus and his disciples.

T-Mill normally packs this thing full of stats and other goodies, but I'm not exactly T-Mill quality. My preview can be summed up as this:

1. Don't Wilt: There will be times when Indiana makes a run and the crowd in Assembly Hall gets wild. The key is to not collapse under the pressure. Each team will make runs, it's how basketball works. Keeping composed throughout will make it much easier.

2. Contain the Perimeter: Make IU beat us inside. Our perimeter defense has been sketchy at times and controlling their three point attempts are huge. We can't let Jordy Hulls or Matt Roth snipe us from outside. Run shooters off the line or get a hand in their face. No open shots.

If we can do these two things, we have a good chance of coming out of Bloomington with a win. We are rolling right now and let's not change that. We are in the Dance and now we are playing for seeding. Let's get a 6 or a 7 and avoid a one seed for as long as possible.