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A Bonus For The April 7 H&R Night With The Pacers

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Hey guys, this is a reminder that if you're interested in the special group rate for the April 7 game between the Pacers and Celtics at bankers Life Fieldhouse the deadline for tickets is this Friday. Because we sold so many tickets the last time the price break is even better for this game, and you can buy tickets here (once again, the Password is: Purdue). Here are some more details:

Pacers Vs. Celtics: Saturday, April 7, 2012

$13.72 for Balcony Level Seats

$21.20 for Lower Balcony Seats

$47.70 for FedEx Fan Zone Seats

$74.20 for Lower End Zone Seats

As an added bonus, I have some new information. So far, 143 tickets have been sold. That's a very good number, but I would like to sell at least 57 more tickets. If we can reach 200 by Friday, another special event can happen. I have talked to our representative and if 200 tickets are sold we can get an hour of on-court time at the Fieldhouse for pickup games from 1:30-2:30pm on Saturday, April 7 before the game. This is called the Pacers Court of Dreams, and includes the following:

  • An hour of court time before the game (the flyer says two, but my rep said we get one)
  • Use of the scoreboard and sound system (and you damn well better believe I am shooting threes until someone bellows. "T-MILL FORRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR THREEEEEEEEEEEEE!"
  • Use of locker rooms
  • An item for each participant from St. Vincent's Sports performance

So we can make this happen, everyone. We only need to sell 57 more tickets. If you're interested in playing in the pickup game contact me via e-mail. I can probably only go about 20 people max to make sure everyone gets a chance, but I am definitely in for this if there is interest and we sell 57 more tickets.

So let's do this.