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Bryson Scott Gets Screwed

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I didn't have a lot on my plate today, the Indiana Basketball Coaches Association forced my hand with their release of the junior All-Stars that will take on the Indiana All-Star team in a couple of exhibitions in June. It is a relatively new tradition, as for a very long time the only All-Star team was the traditional senior team that faces Kentucky each year.

The junior All-Stars work on the principle of a core team of six that plays in both the north and the south exhibitions, while a north six and a south six only play in only one game. Being named to one of the 18 slots is like being named as a finalist for selection to the full All-Star team the next season. Being named to the " Core Six" means you are a virtual lock.

The rosters for this year's junior team were released today, and they are as follows (with college choice if they have made it):

Core Team:

Collin Hartman - Cathedral - Indiana

V.J. Beachem - New Haven - Notre Dame

Devin Davis - Warren Central - Indiana

Zak Irvin - Hamilton Southeastern - Michigan

Demetrius Jackson - Mishawaka Marian

Tony Willis - Ben Davis -

North Team:

Nick Davidson - Andrean - Valparaiso

Mike Schlotman - Munster

Bryson Scott - FW Northrop - Purdue

Leo Svete - Penn

Josh VanMeter - Norwell

Clay Yeo - Triton - Valparaiso

South Team:

Carryl Baker - Jeffersonville

Mike Crawford - Tipton

Sam Philpott - Noblesville

Blake Simmons - Castle

Zavier Turner - Pike

Conner Wittmer - Loogootee

There is some excellent talent there. The first time I saw Gary Harris play I honestly felt Irvin outplayed him on his own team. VanMeter, Wittmer, and Turner each led their team to the state finals. Not including Scott, who is one of the favorite to win Mr. Basketball next season, is absurd, and the Twitterverse agrees:

@Scouting Indiana ‏In a fairly even class Bryson Scott is a strong Mr Basketball candidate, and he's not Core-6??? No Brenton Scott / Markese McGuire at all???

@GoldandBlackcom Good players are gonna get left off that core team with only 6 spots, but comparatively this is like Harris or Ferrell being snubbed last yr

@johnsoad top Indiana junior being left off team is borderline offensive.

@peegs Agreed. RT @GoldandBlackcom: So I see I'm not alone in being utterly baffled by #Purdue recruit Bryson Scott being left off junior core team.

Kids, you know it is bad when those that mostly cover IU are upset a Purdue guy gets left off the Core Six team. It's almost like this is a bizarre day, with myself giving IU credit and IU media upset about a Purdue recruit getting snubbed. Scott was spectacular this season and got Ft. Wayne Northrop into a regional in the state tournament. If Hartman was so awesome then Cathedral would have won a pretty weak sectional instead of losing to a Roncalli team Cathedral had beaten by 22 previously. In fact, only Jackson, who led Mishawaka Marian to its first ever regional title, made it out of the sectional.

Compare that to some of the other players here. In addition to the state finalists, Crawford, and Simmons each helped their teams win regionals.

There is no question this is a snub. Scott has risen to No. 53 nationally according to Yahoo, and he keeps going up as he helped eviscerate teams left and right this year. I haven't seen him play personally yet, but from everything I hear he is a legitimate player that is only getting better, and could be a five star at this time next season. ESPN has him at No. 45 overall too.

Bryson has handled this well:

@BrysonScott23 Thanks for everybody support for me not making the core team..I'm jus going to keep workin hard

I can't wait for this kid to be in a Purdue uniform!