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NCAA Women's Tournament 2012: Purdue Vs. South Carolina Open Thread

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Just because the men lost last night doesn't mean that the month of March is over. There is still more basketball to be played. Purdue's women's team faces South Carolina tonight at Mackey Arena for the right to go to the Sweet 16 in Fresno, California. No. 1 seed Stanford likely awaits tonight's winner, but home court advantage should be a nice factor in our favor. Purdue did beat defending National Champion Texas A&M at home, after all.

Therefore, consider this your Open Thread, as the game tips at 7:20 on ESPN2

Also, some of you may have noticed that WNDE 1260 picked up last night's video and gave me a proper public shaming. I later called in to the show to discuss the video quite candidly, and they tried to catch me about trying to be objective and avoiding stuff like the video while still being a Fan Site. Well, there's no need to be objective since this site covers one team explicitly. Anyway, I did a response video today, so enjoy.

It's a damn good thing I shut the comments off on the other one, too.