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NCAA Tournament 2012: Kansas 63, Purdue 60

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It's nearly midnight and I am wide awake. I have been over to the Kansas site Rock Chalk Talk and congratulated them on a well-played game and their win, and they are a very gracious group of fans, appreciative of our play. I should be sleepy, but I am still wired from this game and know sleep will come fitfully tonight, if at all. it is always this way.

A more full recap of this game will come tomorrow, as it is hard to dissect everything that happened, but do know this: I would have run that final minute, up one with the basketball, that way again. How many times have we seen LewJack slice through and get a basket in those sets? Down one, I would absolutely take that shot from Rob again and be confident he could hit it.

Sometimes the basketball just does not fall.

I have instead shot a YouTube video, approximately five minutes after the game ended. More tomorrow of course, but thank you to all the fans for reading. Finally, a special thank you to Lewis Jackson, Ryne Smith, and Robbie Hummel.