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Kansas 63, Purdue 60: Robbie Hummel's Last Hurrah

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It hurts right now. All of this hurts. This has played out too many times before. Purdue athletics is on the cusp of an amazing win, but the deal just can't be closed.

The guys played amazing basketball for 37 and a half minutes tonight. It was the final 2.5 that killed us. A desperation 3 by DJ that clanged right to a Kansas player. Lewis turning it over leading to a fast break and a Kansas lead. Robbie getting a beautiful look and leaving it just short. Ryne's desperation heave just a fraction too strong.

I'm so proud to say I watched Robbie Hummel play basketball at Purdue. It wasn't the story book ending that he deserved, but it was a phenomenal final performance. His last shot ended up just a bit short.

The team played great defense on Thomas Robinson. Sandi Marcius, Travis Carroll, and Jacob Lawson put on their big boy pants and played great post defense.

Twenty six and nine. That's the stats Robbie gave us in his last performance. Ryne played a great in his stint off the bench, even though he was hit with a questionable intentional foul call. Looked like he made a play on the ball, but oh well. The officiating was just okay, but we could have easily overcame it.

Poor Lewis. He had numerous layups roll of the side of the rim. HIs lanes to the basket were wide open all night, but the rim was unkind.

The careers of the seniors has ended, but I saw some great things from the tournament. Terone Johnson is going to be a bonafide star. Once he gets his hand position fixed completely, his shooting will improve. Anthony Johnson made great strides and doesn't lack confidence. Sandi Marcius looked like a completely new player. His offense needs work, but remember that he was a project coming in. A guy who can come in and give us 20 minutes and grab six or seven boards will be needed.

Travis is a lot better at this recap business than I am, but this was therapeutic. Our day will come. The backload of karma that the basketball gods owe us is insane.

Stay strong Boiler nation. Nothing to be ashamed about in this loss. The team left it all on the court. That's all we can ask.