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2012 NCAA Tournament: Purdue Vs. Kansas Open Thread

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The time has come for round two, and since Purdue and Kansas have rotated wins int he all-time series, it is our turn for a win. maybe they'll be kind enough to oblige. It's going to take a hell of an effort tonight to win, but Ryne Smith, Robbie Hummel, and Lewis Jackson are up to the task.

We have to play together tonight. We won't get this done unless we play together, hits out open shots, and defend like mad bastards. It is not impossible, but merely difficult. Remember: This is a Kansas team that lost a virtual home game earlier in the season to Davidson. They are not unbeatable.

So let's Dream it and Do it, Boilers. The Midwest bracket is opening up for the taking, and this could be the next step on one magical run. Win this game, and suddenly a weekend in New Orleans is not beyond the realm of possibility.