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NCAA Tournament 2012 Bracket: Day 4 Open Thread

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Let's do this one more time, with a separate Open thread opening up later on for our game. Purdue plays at approximately 8:40pm, depending on how long the Florida-Norfolk State game ends up going in Omaha. Hopefully today is once again an upset day after we went chalk-upset-chalk the last three days. we're going to need it to be an upset day in our favor.

Some games of interest today:

  • Georgetown-NC State - This is the first game of the day, and we get the winner if we get past Kansas.
  • Norfolk State-Florida - A 15 has beaten a two six times now, but a 15 has never turned two upsets to reach the Sweet 16.
  • Lehigh-Xavier - Can the Musketeers Zip 'Em Up into the Sweet 16? I sure hope not, though they did do us a service by ending the career of The Traitor and making sure Robbie Hummel gets an extra game over him.
  • Creighton-North Carolina - This is the No. 1 seed in our region, and the four and five are already gone. If Purdue, NC State, and Creighton all win we're suddenly the new No. 2 seed in the Midwest. I could live with the Regional being Creighton vs. Ohio and Purdue vs. NC State next week.