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NCAA Tournament 2012: Day 3 Open Thread

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It's day 3 of the 2012 NCAA Tournament and we're still basking in the glow of a 14th straight opening round victoy in the tournament. Our second round opponent, the Kansas Jayhawks, were one of our second round opponents after one of those victories. In 1997, after the fourth straight opening round win, Kansas beat us 75-61 as a No. 1 seed. That was also the last time we played them. Our last victory over Kansas came in the 1994 Sweet 16 (the first year of the streak), when Purdue won 83-78 behind an astounding 44 points from Glenn Robinson. That included this lovely thing:

Of course, we all remember the back injury suffered late in that game, which severely limited Robinson vs. Duke in a 69-60 Elite Eight loss, as Matt Waddell was our leading scorer there with 16 points after the Big Dog had 44 vs. Kansas.

You may now all drink heavily.

I will have a more formal preview later tonight. I'm going to enjoy the weather a bit today before getting back to work tonight I am trying to set up an interview with Rock Chalk Talk, and I will post a formal breakdown later on this evening.

Dream it, Do it, Boilers.