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NCAA Tournament 2012 Day 2: Afternoon Open Thread

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Good morning, everyone! The second day of the NCAA Tournament is here, and hopefully it is a better day than the first day was. only two lower seeds won all day: Colorado and VCU. I know there will be lots of VCU fans here tomorrow, but this is Purdue's game day.

In the Hammer & Rails challenge on Yahoo we have four leaders after day one, a all four hit 14 of 16 games:

Ain't no mountain high enough - had Long Beach State and Connecticut winning.

DrNice3 - had Connecticut and Montana winning.

Mikes Fourth - had Connecticut and Montana winning.

Purdue Pride 91 - had Connecticut and West Virginia winning.

So the common thread is clearly people believing in Connecticut too much over The Mayor and Kelsey Barlow's future team.

My great entry, You can't Stop A Charging Ryno, got 9 of 16 right and lost Wichita State and Long Beach State as Sweet 16 teams.

With that out of the way, it's time to start the Day 2 discussion. Enjoy the afternoon games, kids. Boilers play at 7:47.