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NCAA Tournament 2012 Bracket: Day 1 Evening Open Thread

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If you're a fan of chalk, horrible officiating, and the Big East the afternoon session was one for you. The closest the OMG TOTALLY AWESOME BIG EAST came to dropping a game was Syracuse over UNC-Asheville, as the poor Bulldogs could not overcome the Orange's 8 on 5 power play in the final two minutes to pull off one of the greatest upsets in sports history.

The rest of the games went exactly as the seeds projected. The higher seed is 7 for 7, with Vanderbilt holding a comfortable lead over Harvard to make it 8 for 8.

Thus, the tournament is boring so far, save for the near upset of Syracuse which would have been talked about for decades. The night session brings some interest. Two more of our conference brethren take the floor in Indiana and Ohio State, while Kentucky takes on might Western Kentucky for another shot at a 16 over 1 upset.