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NCAA Tournament 2012 Bracket: Day 1 Afternoon Open Thread

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No one is getting anything done today anyway, so why not get this party started early? Already, I have done one of my required 20 articles for the day job, and I am like, "Is it time yet?" Today is one of hte most glorious days on the sports calendar, as we get basketball from noon to midnight, including the sneaky awesome "second game at the west coast site that overlaps the afternoon and evening sessions."

there is still time to join the Hammer & Rails Tournament Challenge, where the winner gets a Defense Lives Here T-shirt. we also have a nice interlude between games as Purdue baseball kicks off a four-game series with Wichita State this afternoon at 4 p.m. The Boilers are looking to secure the best start in school history, as Purdue baseball has never been 13-1.

It's the NCAA tournament mixed with Purdue Baseball. What more do you need?