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A Reminder For The Hammer & Rails Tournament Group

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This is just a reminder that Yahoo is sponsoring SB Nation's official NCAA Tournament Challenge this year. SB Nation has encouraged us to do set up some bracket groups. There are couple of groups to mention. First, there is the SB Nation Wisdom of the Crowds group.

Next, the Hammer & Rails group can be found here at Yahoo or by simply searching the name Hammer & Rails. The winner of this one will get a free Defense Lives Here shirt (which, if you stay in that diabolical other group I'll give one to the winner there too. Yahoo is kind enough to heavily promote the SB Nation blogs, so I am more than happy to send folks that way.

Beside, you're all playing for second place against me anyway. No one can match my upset-calling prowess.

You can track your picks online, of course, but you can also use this handy printable 2012 NCAA bracket from SB Nation, which conveniently lists all the team blogs for each school.

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