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NCAA Women's Basketball Tournament 2012: Purdue Gets A Four Seed

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Fresno-area Boilers, the Purdue women are coming (hopefully). After making a run to the Big Ten Tournament championship the women finished the season rated No. 13 by the AP. They also received a No. 4 seed in the Fresno region of the women's NCAA Tournament.

Purdue has an excellent chance of advancing to the Fresno regional, as they will host the first and second rounds of the tournament at Mackey Arena this weekend. Stanford, at 31-1 is the No. 1 seed in the region, with Duke as the No. 2 and St. John's as the No. 3. Here is the full bracket.

Purdue will open at home against South Dakota State on Saturday, with South Carolina playing Eastern Michigan in the 5/12 game. The winners will come back and play on Monday night. Tickets can be purchased directly from Purdue for this one, so it is hoped there will be a good crowd for our ladies.