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2012 Big Ten Tournament: Championship Game Open Thread With Video

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It is only a few hours until the selection show announces where our Boilermakers are going in the NCAA Tournament. Really, this year says something about the fact that Purdue is a lock when the Bubble is about as weak as I have ever seen it. You have an entire major conference, the Pac-12, possibly suffering the indignity of being a one-bid league. You have an argument for 10 Big East teams, causing a solid team like Iona to get screwed because we have to have the OMG TOTALLY AWESOME 10TH PLACE BIG EAST team that would surely win any other conference by multiple games.

Before that, we have a title game within our own conference, and it should be a good one. Since Purdue beat Ohio State three years ago, the Buckeyes have dominated the Big Ten Tournament. They have won eight in a row and William Buford is 10-1 in this event. Our Boilermakers were the last team to beat Ohio State in the Big Ten Tournament.

The Spartans should make this quite a game. to me, this was the best possible final between the two best teams in the conference. It should be fun.

As we wait, I present another YouTube video discussing Purdue's position on Selection Sunday. Enjoy!