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2012 Big Ten Tournament: Day 3 Open Thread

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Yes, I am still here at Bankers Life Fieldhouse for today's semifinals. It should be a fun pair of games too with an OSU-Michigan blood feud in the second game. Since all four of the bye teams reached today fatigue won't be an issue, either.

Sadly, it looks like I won't be headed to Marion tonight, as my Kats fell in a tight 52-48 game with Carmel this morning, missing three straight free throws while down one in the fourth quarter. I'm heartbroken, especially since I wanted to see Bryson Scott tonight and Kokomo had already beaten him by 10.

Finally, just to get to the 150 word limit, I have to tell my story from last night. In my one press conference question I asked what Painter said to earn the tech and if he felt he would get a defensive stop on a fast break 19 years after his playing career ended. I am proud to say that second part got a laugh out of him. What follows is the direct transcript of my exchange from the Big Ten:

Q. Coach, what did you say in the technical? And did you ever think you were going to get a defensive stop on a fast break so long after your playing career was over?

COACH PAINTER: I didn't understand the second part.

Q. Did you ever think you were going to get a defensive stop on a fast break so late after your playing career?

COACH PAINTER: <laughs> One of their bigs was just grabbing our players out in the open on a ball screen defense, and I just pointed it out while he had two hands around him to. One of their bigs just had his hands around him, so I pointed it out to him and said he's got both his hands around him, and he stares right at it and ignores it. So I can't repeat what I said to him.