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A Grain of Salt

Thanks to Olga Quinn

As a first time parent, I always have questions. I never had much experience with younger kids growing up. I was the youngest in my immediate family and didn’t have any cousins younger than me either. Fortunately, we have satellite internet deals to help us out at our house. I can get online any time I have a question and find the answer no matter how crazy the question. The really great part is I can find the answers to even the questions that seem a little silly without getting laughed at. Of course, sometimes I have to be careful not to dig too deep. Some of the information out there can be misleading and even the simplest symptoms can match those of something much more serious. I always have to remember when those ideas get in my head that it’s never as bad as you think and the doctor is always on call if I think it’s that serious! Fortunately the nurses there never laugh, at least not to my face!