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Bienvenidos A Miami!: Purdue's NCAA Tournament Update

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No, I am not going to be lazy with the new Contour camera provided by the good folks at SB Nation. Instead, I am going to use it for creative purposes. Since it is about the size of an average pill bottle, that makes it much easier for transport than other large cameras. I brought it down here to Miami and decided to do a little filming.

No, you pervs! Not that!

Instead, we have today's SB nation You Tube report from beautiful Miami Beach Florida, where the water was warm, the sun was hot, and the Miami Heat flags flying on every car down here bear the same creases that new IU flags have for the bandwagoners jumping back on board up in Indiana.

So enjoy today's report as I talk a little bit about how the small conference tournaments affect our seed, as well as how things look for the Big Ten Tournament.