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An Actual Working Purdue At Ohio State GameThread

There are no crappy videos causing the game thread this week, as promised. Doublegoldandblack created the alternate Game thread for the IU game last week while I was lamenting my existence in Mackey, so he will receive, as a token of my appreciation, the Hope Diamond.

We're going to need to be on it tonight, boys. bring your Yuengling, your lucky socks, and the talisman of choice, because this is a steep challenge in front of us. Nothing is impossible, however. A victory tonight would be one of the most stunning results of hte Big Ten season today, but it also would illustrate exactly why we play the game.

I will be slightly late, as tonight I am playing my my usual Tuesday night basketball game and hoping that my feet decide to hold up through it. The democratic method of the first commenter will be in charge until I get back is in effect.