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In Need Of Good Cheer: Purdue At Michigan GameThread

From today's earlier FanShot you can tell it is a very upsetting day. Shadow was a very special member of our family. Even though we only had him since November and he was just 10 months old, he made an immediate connection to us and he was very comforting during the day when I was still working from home on the blog here. He was just about the best possible feline companion you could ask for, and Mrs. T-Mill and I were missing him living up in Kokomo with my parents even before now.

So, we need a pick-me-up with tonight's game. A Boilermaker win would be something that would mean a lot to me. Shadow used to watch games with me, then he would always watch Purdue games (including Wednesday's Nebraska win) on my mother's lap. Tonight's I'd like to imagine him sitting on Michigan's rim batting shots away for us.

Oh, and we can make the NCAA Tournament bubble argument academic, too.