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T-Mill Says Goodbye To Rob, Ryno, And LewJack: Nebraska At Purdue GameThread

tonight is bittersweet, as it will be the final time I get to see Robbie Hummel, Ryne Smith, and Lewis Jackson play at Mackey Arena. By coincidence, I have attended three of Purdue's four home losses this year, and I have only seen one win in person so far in the Illinois game (though I was going to go to the Miami game before getting sick that day).

I'll be headed back down to Miami next Wednesday, so this will be my Senior night for Rob, Ryno, and LewJack. You guys are in charge then. I'll be in section 103 and I am filming some parts of the night with the new BRIK camera provided by SB Nation for the Hammer & Rails YouTube channel that will be kicking off soon. This is something new SB Nation is trying out as a way to get more multimedia savvy, and I volunteered since my degree is technically in video production. Be patient, however, as I haven't shot much of anything in about 10 years.

So enjoy the night, ladies and gents. Let's get this one for Rob, Ryno, and LewJack.