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A Personal Thank You To Greentown Animal Clinic

Mrs. T-Mill and I do not have any children yet, but in November we adopted a shelter cat that quickly became like our kid and the unofficial mascot of the blog. He kept me company while I worked on the blog, and even tried to do some of the work himself at times, as you can see:


The part-time day editor of Hammer & Rails. He even wanted on the payroll, so I paid him in kibble and yarn.

His name is Shadow, and he is a little 10 month old ball of energy and love. Unfortunately, we had to give him up after two weeks because Mrs. T-Mill had severe allergies around him. Luckily, my parents decided to give him a home, and he reportedly loves watching Purdue basketball on my mom's lap.

Today the wonderful people at the Greentown Animal Clinic had to perform a minor surgery on him and they discovered our poor little guy had a tapeworm he had picked up in the shelter that we did not know about. Since this guy is our baby, but lives with my parents, I am very happy to see that a Purdue doctor is taking care of him and getting him back to health. Think of this as a mini-Profile In Badassery for doctor Bryan Mohr (Purdue grad, 1989) and his staff for taking care of our beloved Shadow. Thank you! He's got to be ready for March Madness, after all.