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Kelsey Barlow Dismissed: Addition By Subtraction?

Addition by subtraction. Such a simple phrase. I haven't seen that thrown around about Kelsey Barlow until right now. No, it didn't come from a blogger or an angry fan. It came from a player.

Ryne Smith calls Kelsey Barlow dismissal 'addition by subtraction' for .

This opens a handful of questions. Was Barlow a drain on the team off the floor? We all know his ability to disengage from a game at any time. When you have one of the senior leaders throwing you under the bus after the first game you are gone, it sends a message.

I don't know how I feel about that. Kelsey frustrated me to no end, but he had the most pure basketball talent on our team. He just had no ability or no interest in harnessing it. I won't say that we are going to be better without him, but if the team thinks that, it's good enough for me.

Good luck in your future Kelsey. Buy a wallet chain.