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It's Upset Time! Michigan State At Purdue GameThread

I have a feeling that the Mackey Magic, which has not been effective in losses to Indiana, Michigan, and Wisconsin, is going to be more effective today. If not, the clear solution is to move me back into the Paint Crew. Purdue is 1-0 in games where Mrs. T-Mill and I have sat in the Paint Crew and 0-2 where we have been in our usual seats. The rules of scientific experimentation are therefore clear if Purdue loses today: I must sit with the Paint Crew.

It's science.

As a fan base, we must have positive energy going into this game. if you think we have no chance because Kelsey Barlow is gone and because D.J. Byrd is suspended, well, then find something else to do today because there is no point for you to watch today. Crash the boards, attack the basket, and defend like Mad Bastards. it is time to spring an upset.

As usual, I'll comment via Twitter from my seats.