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Kelsey Barlow Kicked Off Of The Team, Byrd Suspended

The news just keeps getting better and better. The latest from last night's fun at Where Else now concerns defensive ace Kelsey Barlow. As the team came out for practice this afternoon everyone, including D.J. Byrd was there... except for Barlow. From Boiler Hoops twitter:

Boiler HoopsTM

This may have been the final straw for Kelsey Barlow as a Purdue basketball player. Only member of team not dressed for practice today.

Barlow, as we know, was suspended for last year's postseason for his "third strike" with coach Painter. Byrd's account last night had Barlow leaving Where Else under questionable circumstances. Now he isn't at practice? This is not a good sign.

Needless to say this would be a huge blow. Barlow is Purdue's best defender and an emerging threat on offense as the most versatile player. The Boilers need him getting tot he rim, getting offensive rebounds, and taking it fearlessly to the basket like when he dunked on Jared Sullinger.

Stay Tuned...

UPDATE: Now it is official:

: Kelsey Barlow has been dismissed from program; Byrd suspended for MSU game Sunday after PI arrest.

Wow. just... wow. I am stunned. Byrd's suspension I expected, but Barlow?