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Breaking News: D.J. Byrd Arrested

I am sorry, but when the most indispensable player of late gets himself arrested, it is worth more than a basic FanShot. It gets its own breaking news entry on a Friday that I was hoping would be nice and slow. The Purdue Exponent has confirmed it, however:

According to West Lafayette police records, David Jonathan Byrd, was arrested last night. Byrd is a starting junior guard on the men's team.

The charges that led to his arrest are unknown at this time.

Well, I think it goes without saying that Byrd probably needs to sit on Sunday against Michigan State, which is a pretty severe blow considering his role of late. Coach Painter has shown in the past that he won't tolerate stupid crap like this, as evidenced by Kelsey Barlow getting suspended for the NCAA Tournament last year.

And yes, this is stupid crap. You don't get arrested in-season without doing something really dumb. Have a seat, D.J.

I am now going to go find an empty room to scream profanities in.

UPDATE: It appears to be Public Intoxication, as the Exponent has updated their story:

Byrd was arrested on public intoxication charges.