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Your Saturday Basketball Open Thread

The Boilers don't play today, but there is still lots of action concerning us around the country. Let's make it an Open Thread today. I'll be in and out throughout the day to see how things are going, but after Iona lost last night at Loyola to all but eliminate their at large chances we're down a team that can improve our profile by winning.

Yes, we need to do our part first, preferably by winning the next two games and beating Penn State and Nebraska, which should be enough to put us in. The RPI needs a lot of help, however. So, here is your rooting guide for today's games if you're working on your IRS exam:

Butler at Cleveland State:

Butler. They are out of the Horizon League race, but Cleveland State is the best RPI team in that league and this loss needs to be as good as possible right now. Butler winning could set the state for a conference tourney run.

Miami at Florida State:

Miami all the way. Their RPI has soared to 35 of late, and a win at No. 30 Florida State plus a win at home over North Carolina this coming week could move this to a top 25 RPI win. Of course, with the Canes, you always need tax courses to write off strippers as a recruiting expense.

Xavier at Temple:

I've gone back and forth on this one, but I think it is better for the Owls to look good since we actually beat them. They can take control of a very good Atlantic 10 that might get four teams in. which makes us look better.

Kentucky at Vanderbilt:

The last thing I want is Kentucky to go all year with only one loss, because then we'd never hear the end of how IU saved the 1976 team. Go Vandy (and Kevin Stallings)

Maryland at Duke:

Seeing as how our RPI is heavily linked to Duke now having beaten two of the four teams to beat them (and damn near a third as well), the better Duke does, the more it helps us.

Alabama at LSU:

The Crimson tide has struggled in the SEC, and we don't need them anywhere near the Bubble since they have a win over us.