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Purdue Football Recruiting: It's National Signing Day Open Thread!

Signing day is here, and as part of my contractual obligations to bring massive page views to the network, this will be the center of all news regarding our Purdue Boilermakers. I'll be checking in throughout the day, adding news in the comments and treating this like an Open Thread.

I know the fans have turned against Danny Hope and Gary Nord, but we still are expecting out best recruiting class in several years. According to Rivals, We're rated No. 33 between Rutgers and Colorado. That's close to the top quarter of college football and good enough for fourth in the Big Ten behind Nebraska, Michigan and Ohio State some school that cannot be named because they don't exist this year according to the NCAA. Scout has us rated No. 48 and seventh in the Big Ten.

So sit back, relax, and discuss the incoming recruits. I'll have a final primer later in the day once I get home. This should be a good class with Carlos Carvajal and Ryan Watson as the next players trying to avoid the curse of four stars its highest rated players.