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Purdue Football Coaching Search: Boilers Hire Darrell Hazell, For Real This Time

Okay, maybe T-Mill didn't jump the gun. Darrell Hazell really is coming to Purdue.

Greg McWilliams

I still feel like an ass, but at least I am an ass who is right this time. First Darrell Hazell was hired by Purdue. Then it was skeptical. Then he was telling his players at Kent State he wasn't leaving. then I was giving a heartfelt mea culpa and wondering if I had destroyed all journalistic credibility I had built up.

So, I went for a run, and in the end was redeemed:

Hazell will be Purdue’s first minority coach in football or men’s basketball, as he takes over a program that’s headed to play Oklahoma State in the Heart of Dallas Bowl after a 6-6 season.

Lest you need more sources (and I don't blame you):

Then, there is ESPN:

Kent State coach Darrell Hazell, who led the Golden Flashes to an 11-2 record this season, has accepted the job at Purdue, sources told ESPN.

Even Brendan has a word:

Now, allow me to use all caps hyperbole with the following:


At least now if I look like an ass I am not alone.

UPDATE: GBI is making it even more official: