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Lamar At Purdue: Hey, We Still Have A Basketball GameThread

Purdue will even its record tonight at 4-4.


With all the talk about Darrell Hazell and his impending signing with Purdue I think this basketball game could get pushed onto the back burner. It is not every day that a school's football program actually gets a top candidate and appears to make a big leap forward. With Hazell I think Purdue could be very good in a short amount of time.

But we're talking about basketball tonight. Bobby Knight's son is coaching at Mackey Arena for the first time in his career. Both he and Matt Painter grew up together in this state and the younger coach Knight has not earned the name recognition of his father, but it is still good to see a Knight on the sidelines against Purdue.

This should be a blowout well in Purdue's favor. Let's work on a few things tonight and take another step forward by doing what must be done against the Cardinals.