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Purdue Football Coaching Search: Boilers Hire Darrell Hazell

Darrell Hazell is your next Purdue football head coach.


Well, it was a much longer process than many though, but it looks as if Purdue has its man. Darrell Hazell, late of the Kent State Golden Flashes, will be the next head football coach at Purdue University:

As I said earlier today I think this is a really good hire and might be better than Butch Jones. He built something from nothing and with Wisconsin now in play it was critical for us to lock down one of the better candidates that was on the board. If anything, we took him away from a divisional rival that we have to play every year and already has our number.

I have no details on the length of the contract, but I am guessing it is in the neighborhood of five years. You want to give a guy the security of a full recruiting cycle. As far as payment, I don't know what it is, but Morgan Burke had better not be lying about increased compensation for assistants. No more Nordfense!

Welcome Coach Hazell!