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Purdue Football Coaching Search: Butch Jones Says No To Purdue

GBI confirms what many suspected last night.

Streeter Lecka

Well, it is confirmed:

At least we can now move on, though these constant updates are starting to wear me down a bit. At least we can have a break the rest of today and focus on the fact that there is a basketball game tonight.

For giggles, here is how I would ranked the remaining candidates:

1. Darrell Hazell - I really like that his team was a bit more rounded in terms of having a good defense. yeah, scoring a ton of points is fun, but I'd like to finally be able to stop a team when necessary. I also like the fact that Kent State did nothing for 40 years before Hazell came along, then he comes within a double overtime game of taking a MAC program to a BCS bowl (because that happens if they beat NIU). This, my friends, is called intangibles.

2. Sonny Dykes - You want passing? Dykes is going to chuck the ball around. A lot. Louisiana Tech may not quite be Hawaii under Colt Brennan (Kenneth Dixon has rushed for 1,100 yards) but has a powerful offense that would be great with a good defensive coordinator. Basically, it is the opposite of the Nordfense.

3. Mark Helfrich - Again, Defense is needed.