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Purdue Football Coaching Search: Your Morning Butch Jones Update

Today is decision day for Butch Jones concerning Purdue.

Andy Lyons

Today is the day we find out if Butch Jones will be the next head football coach at Purdue. While last night it looked like Colorado was the frontrunner, today it appears as if Purdue and Cincinnati are both in the race simply because there has not been a definitive no yet. I think we have all forgotten that he could decide to stay at Cincinnati and blow off both Purdue and Colorado.

From that it appears as if we have until 1pm Indiana time to hear about a decision. There is a ton of speculation, but Pat Forde of Yahoo Sports said it best:

So we really don't know. Last night I didn't think it was a good thing that he was staying in Colorado longer than expected, but there was no immediate announcement. Purdue, at least according to GBI, is already hedging slightly by saying Darrell Hazell is in play, so we haven't bet everything on Jones. Purdue's offer is reportedly bigger:

Meanwhile, Tom Deinhart thinks the Purdue ship has sailed: