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2013 Heart Of Dallas Bowl: H&R Staff Predictions

The Hammer & Rails writers give their predictions for tomorrow.

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The bowl game is nearly here, so it is time for the staff of Hammer & Rails to give its predictions for tomorrow.

Juan Crespo:

I have a feeling this game will go down like the Minnesota/Texas Tech game. Minnesota was a big underdog and nearly pulled off the upset. Purdue players seem very excited and motivated for this game, much more than the Pizza Bowl last year. I think Purdue will play better than expected since they are 1) Playing in honor of Danny Hope (if they still remember him by now) 2) Playing to impress Coach Hazell and 3) Playing for pride, something they haven't been able to show much after a disappointing 6-6 season. I'm not saying Purdue will win, but they will go down fighting and be able to hang their heads up high after a well fought battle. It will be close, but Oklahoma State's offense will just be a bit too much for Purdue.
Oklahoma State 38, Purdue 31


This is a tough one. Oklahoma State obviously has a very good offense. They did last year, but lost just one regular season game and should have played for the National championship as an actual conference champion. This year, again with a very good offense, they were 7-5.

I don't think their fans respect Purdue very much at all, but I am sure Mike Gundy does. I feel Purdue's only chance to win is to totally open up the playbook and have fun. Patrick Higgins is auditioning for a spot on the new coaching stuff, so he should hold nothing back. I want to see Robert Marve go out guns blazing while Akeem Shavers punishes people on the ground. I want to see Kawann Short be a rampaging beast while Ricardo Allen and Josh Johnson blanket receivers.

Unfortunately, this offense is just too good. unless Purdue benefits from multiple turnovers I think it is too much.

Oklahoma State 45, Purdue 35