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Purdue Football Coaching Search: Butch Jones Leaning Towards Colorado

It appears as if the Buffs have swept in and taken Butch Jones.

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Frank Victores-US PRESSWIRE

It looks as if the window to get Butch Jones at Purdue is closing. multiple reports have stated that his scheduled 5:30 local time departure has been delayed. He was scheduled to leave at 7:30pm Indiana/Ohio time, so this is probably not a good sign for the Boilers:

He is not on the plane back, as reported:

A private plane left Cincinnati on Monday morning at 7:58 a.m. Mountain time and arrived at Rocky Mountain Metropolitan Airport near Broomfield at 11 a.m. The aircraft pulled into a private hangar. There is a flight scheduled to leave Rocky Mountain Airport at 5:30 p.m. Monday to go to Cincinnati but Jones is still in Boulder.

Here is the link to the tracking for his return flight.

So, yeah. That appears to be that. That IU Star is even reporting that Colorado is the frontrunner:

Jones reportedly is torn about his decision. Friends say he and his family love Cincinnati and want to remain here, but that he felt compelled to listen to the offers from Purdue and Colorado. If he decides to leave, Colorado is believed to the frontrunner for his services.

I think he is gone. Every report says the Colorado talks were "productive", while there was no such word from Purdue and Burke refused to talk about it yesterday during the bowl announcement. So let's bring on the next candidate. It is time for us to call Sonny Dykes or Darrell Hazell. With Nancy Cross and Morgan Burke going to Akron, Ohio today on ol' PU400 I am hoping that they were int he area to at least chat with Hazell. I like him as a possibility because he took a program that was among the worst in FBS and got them to a bowl for the first time in four decades. In fact, they nearly made a BCS bowl with him at the helm for one season.

Dykes, of course, does not have a bowl game to play prepare for at all. That leaves plenty of time to get an interview. Maybe PU400 is headed to Ruston, LA next. Hazell may be next, however: