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Boilermakings Has Some Kendall Stephens and Bryson Scott Updates

Kendall Stephens is injured again, while Bryson Scott is playing five games in four days.

Bad news, everyone. Kendall Stephens re-injured his shoulder last night, and that is the first link in today's links post:

Kane County Chronicle | St. Charles East boys basketball loses game, Stephens to injury
Kendall Stephens re-injured his shoulder Thursday night. too bad too, as he was tearing it up so far.

Northrop boys have full slate | The Journal Gazette
Bryson Scott and Ft. Wayne Northrop Are int he Summit Conference Tournament Finals after Thursday's win, but play twice today in the Hall of Fame tournament in New Castle.

At the break: Purdue | 1070 The Fan – Opinion & Analysis
Greg Rakestraw chimes in on Purdue before the Big Ten season.

'Could be worse': Counting down the fanbases that suffered most in 2012 -
Which fanbase suffered through the worst 2012? We try to answer that question with a four-day countdown.

A Motion That the EDSBS Awards Committee Recognize The Baylor - Every Day Should Be Saturday
Purdue has started a tradition of stealing the "The" from THE Ohio State University. Here is its history.

2012 college football relegation in action: Your team is going up (or maybe down)! -
What if college football had a relegation and promotion system, à la world soccer? If we'd installed our system before the 2012 season began, here's how things would've shaped up based on real-world standings. Your team's going to the Pioneer League!

2012-2013 college football coaching carousel grades, from Bret Bielema to big risk -
With this offseason's coaching carousel complete (until the NFL comes calling, somebody puts a motorcycle into a ditch and FIU finally figures out what it's doing, at least), it's time to assess how your team did. Probably pretty good!