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Merry Christmas From Hammer & Rails

A Christmas wish list for Purdue fans.

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I know things have been slow around here the last few days, but that is because almost everyone is on break. Therefore, I wanted to take the time to release the official Hammer & Rails Christmas list. This is what I would love to have Santa deliver down various chimneys around the world tonight:

  • A new offensive line for Drew Brees - The poor guy has been sacked way too many times this year. He has some more NFL records to break!
  • A bionic knee for Robbie Hummel - Is it that hard to get that weird knee brace thing that Bruce Wayne had in The Dark Knight Rises? Along with the brace, let's get Rob an NBA contract.
  • Jump shots for the Purdue basketball team - Seriously, this team will be infinitely better if the shots just start falling. Ronnie Johnson and Anthony Johnson could especially use the gift of a jumper.
  • A copy of Terry Hutchens' fantastic new book - Seriously, nothing warms folks like a Christmas night fire. Since this book is about rising from the ashes of a fire that they themselves started it should be excellent kindling for your hearth.
  • The weird Bruce Wayne knee-thingie for Robert Marve - Is there anyone who deserves to go out guns blazing more than Robert Marve? I'd love to see him have a 35-40 day in the bowl game for 450 yards and five TDs as he finally gets to have his great moment.
  • A long-term NBA contract for E`Twaun Moore - Smooge is tearing it up as a solid contributor in Orlando. The magic could even make the playoffs when no one expected them too. The second year pro needs to get a multi-year contract this offseason.
  • An advance copy of Anchorman 2 for all readers - It is a rough basketball season so far. We could all use a laugh and the return of Ron Burgundy would help.
  • An Alabama win over Notre Dame - This is despite me developing Stockholm Syndrome of sorts because I don't mind this Notre Dame team all that much. They earned their way to the title game. Even the fans I have run into have been subdued.

Seriously though, I do want to wish everyone a Merry Christmas. You readers have always been a gift to me and this past year, though it has been a rough one for Purdue sports, has been the best year in the history of the site. Myles, Steve, and Juan have been excellent as regular contributors and invaluable in taking some of the burden off of me. Michael has been solid and will be bringing more women's basketball coverage. Christopher is helping out with some new basketball articles. James was a solid addition to Juan's volleyball work. Alex was great in covering the best baseball season in Purdue history. Riley has also been a valued contributor since Our Most Hated Rival sucked.

Most of all, I want to thank all of you readers personally. This site means a lot to me. Probably too much at times. None of it is possible without all of you coming back day after day to read my inane rantings. I have met many of you while out and about and while it makes me feel like a Q list celebrity, I do truly appreciate the positive feedback and hearing from people that read. You guys keep me sane, and that is much appreciated with Miniature, In-utero T-Mill on the way.

So Merry Christmas, all. I'll be back on Wednesday.